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UK without IELTS.

if you have good educational record and English proficiency we can get you admission and visa in UK without IELTS/TOEFL under TIER 4.

Bank Loan facility for Students
If you are unable to finance your studies or you don't have bank statement to support your VISA application We can assist you get Bank Loan from regulated commercial Banks..

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Study in UK 

Study in UK and get your education at its peek.UK is one the most cosmopolitan country of the world. thousands of students choose UK as their first Educational destination. Fee are very economical and can be paid in instalments.

We are representing more than 50 institutes in UK. All type of certificate Diplomas and Degree available in all major faculties.

Students with 10th grade can also apply. Minimum 4.5 IELTS required.

Students with good educational record and English proficiency can get admission and visa under TIER 4 catagory.

For more details give us a call or have a visit to office.