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Why Us?

How we deal with your case ?

Like other professional or skilled persons we also have some rules and tools to handle your case which are:


· Knowledge of  Law

We have knowledge of immigration and local law which helps us dealing with your case. we use these laws in the immigration cases as well as during proceedings of cases in the courts. The expert is not that who only can handle cases but a person that knows how to handle a worse and wrong situation.

· Service

We offer our services fare and friendly to our clients. Non of our clients feel that he is only the subject to earn the money by the firm. We have many testimonials from our clients which are proof of our commitment.

· Experience

We have experienced immigration and patent attorneys to handle the cases. of course experience does matter.

10 reasons to choose MUSAFAT.

There are 10 reasons to choose us.

· Experience.

We have experienced team of immigration lawyers to assess, prepare and file your case.

· Fair consultancy.

Our team of professional provide you fair consultancy we don't give our clients the false and wrong information.

· Affordable fee.

We offer our services against the affordable fee and we don't pit over burden to our clients.

· Fee after success.

You don't need to pay fee in advance. We will charge our fee on the success of case or positive decision.

· Contract with clients.

On the booking of case we dually signed an agreement with clients which creates rights and duties of both parties and if any contradiction arise either party can contact the court.

· No hidden charges.

During or after the cases there are no hidden charges to pay.

· Professional approach

Our immigration lawyers have professional approach and use it accordingly.

· Clients friendly.

We treat our clients as guest. our team members are clients friendly and clients never feel at any stage that he is not treated fairly.

· Time effective.

We understand the time factor because time is money in this world. we try to meet the time requirements described by you.

· Right move.

We play right move at right time. A right move at wrong time is wrong.

Do you really need to hire a lawyer for your case ?

Now the information technology is so advance that you can get every information and forms available online so do you really need to hire a lawyer and pay fee?

The answer is YES because,

1. The fruit is much sweater than cost

2. You have not done a case before and will never do it again

3. You need the right answer to right question

4. There may be wrong move but you don't know it

5. There may be delay in your case due to less knowledge.

6. You cant afford a little mistake in your life.

7. A little full stop”.” mistake can bring full stop to your case

8. You cant do experience with your future and with your family.

9. You are not trained for filling the cases.

10. You may not know if you have done a fatal mistake until after months

11. Immigration laws and rules change very quickly that you may not have knowledge of amendments.

But remember you don not need to hire a Lawyer but an immigration lawyer, because a general lawyer don't have experience to handle immigration case. just like a heart specialist doctor cant give you professional and expert advice on kidneys problem same situation to the lawyer.

Always choose lawyers who have experience in dealing immigration cases.

Same situation is to consultants, who have not experience of working in law firms. they may be expert in procedure but they cant handle critical and complex situations of immigration cases.

So always choose Immigration lawyers.